Ready to embrace new realms?

Facundo Ortiz Gallego
2 min readJan 24, 2023

What if… we find a new ‘home’ for some of our traditional stuff related to “business as usual processes” and that helps us to increase our adoption (and thus experience) of disruptive technologies? And if that also helps to foster a transparent and iterative development for digital transformation strategies, putting users at the front seat and in the center of the picture?
It could be something fun to talk about...

The end game for this particular experiment proposal is to understand our willingness and commitment to learn, play and register some of the decisions that we are making regularly. As result, this may or may not end up being a logbook for some of the principles on how (e.g.) Matech Studios “does” its governance.

In some sense, this is my invite to think and reason up about the mechanics behind something deeper. As if you were a grown-up kid, playing to “set some rules” while flirting with engagement initiatives that improve participation. And then, think that all of that game can get extrapolated, at scale, for even much bigger and diverse groups of people, including their organizations.

Obviously, trivial things will go first…

Ideally, I guess, with a frequent and at-heart practice (real adoption), it can mature to become part of the cornerstones solutions that we use to drive our & other people’s journeys.

“A new chapter rewarding organization, participation, and transparency, toward agreed goals to increase value generation.”

So… Some of this happened and it felt great. Mostly, this was all about the mechanics implied for just some game proposed.

That way, first I took this to the closest collective. Gather some feedback. And from there, I can start reasoning up to reach others:

….yep, this was fun and I served some POAP after the ceremony.

Minting POAP after voting was closed